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How to actually hit your protein goal

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    “Once I started to plan my protein choices ahead of time, it was easy to hit my daily targets. I'm so thankful for this resource!”

    Feng Mian

    Chicago, IL

    What you get:

    This macro resource include: protein recommendations, how to calculate your protein needs, a macro cheat sheet, and a protein planner that breaks out exactly how to plan your macros for each meal, so you don't come up short at the end of the day!

    What is it all about?

    One of the most common questions that I get from nutrition clients is “how do I get more protein into my diet?” Consuming enough protein is so important – it keeps you satisfied, your blood sugar more steady, cravings at bay, and helps you better recover from your workouts. Clients are often looking for tips on how to include more protein in their meals and snacks, so I created this resource to help you easily plan your grocery list, food choices, meal targets, and more!