Empower Your Perimenopause Journey:

Request the Right Bloodwork for Optimal Health

Has this ever happened to you…

After running blood work, you leave your doctor's office with no answers and no plan for feeling better?

Unfortunately, it happens way to often.

To help you better navigate this phase with confidence and empower you to make informed decisions about your health, we’ve created a FREE guide that outlines specific bloodwork you can request from your doctor as well as conventional ranges versus functional ranges for blood sugar, insulin, thyroid, and other markers.

Why Is This Guide Essential for You?

Perimenopause is a significant life transition, and it's important to have the right information and tools to navigate it successfully. Understanding your body and its needs during this phase can help you:

- Manage perimenopausal symptoms more effectively

- Address potential health concerns early and not 'wait and see'

- Make informed decisions about your wellness

- Advocate for functional (optimal) ranges instead of conventional standards

- Achieve a higher quality of life during this transformative journey​

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