ultimate beginner's guide to tracking macros

What are macros and why should you track them? Get this 16-page macro resource for FREE ($150 value) to help you learn how to calculate and track macros, so you drop inches while never cutting out the foods you love!

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Tracking Macros Includes:

  • An introduction to the macro diet
  • Why you should track macros (not calories)
  • How to calculate your energy needs
  • How to calculate your macros
  • Macro cheat sheets and food lists
  • How to take progress photos
  • Personal measurement tracker
  • MyFitnessPal quick start guide
  • Hit your protein goal diagram
  • How to track macros when dining out guide
  • Minimal meal prep check-list
  • Tips and advice for stress-free tracking
  • Daily accountability check-list
  • Macro tracking strategies and real-life hacks
  • Build a balanced plate visual guide
  • How to track alcohol macros
  • Macro-friendly cocktail recipes

Stop counting calories and transform your body while eating all the foods you love with The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Tracking Macros!

You can finally stop counting calories and start eating foods that bring you joy! With the macro diet, no food is off limits. You can eat just about anything, just in specific portion sizes and still lose weight and gain lean muscle.

The The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Tracking Macros is an introduction to this flexible diet that can help anyone lose weight without having to avoid your favorite foods. Based on the simple formula that balances the daily intake of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, the macro diet is gaining in popularity as people discover they can shed pounds without feeling deprived.

The The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Tracking Macros not only includes an introduction to the diet that is changing lives, but also a variety of resources to make tracking macros easier than ever! This freebie gives you all you need to transform your body while eating what you love!


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